Light is a particle ?

Light is a wave ?

   Or something else .

Friends from the time of birth of universe light played an important role . Many scientists gave there theories on light . But not all were right .

    Newton man of particles gave his theory about light considering light as particle called corpuscle .His theory had many faults. Which was later eliminated by Huygens theory  but it also had some drawbacks. And so on many people came .

   What what actually light is ?

We can say that Light is a phenomenon by which we see anything .which behaves like a wave but actually consists of particles called photons. And many other like neutrino,Higgs,etc

It has all properties of wave ,which are:

Reflection,Refraction,Dfferaction,polarisation, dispersion, and so on.                         It also runs faster than anything we know .         

         Everything thing is dark without 

Ask me and comment and this is just an introduction . Wait and watch .thanks


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