• I don’t believe that success comes in one night you have work for it . Hard work is really necessary . But if one can achieve everything only in first attempt then he will not know the taste of hard work and will never be able to understand the value of earning something with all the hard work and joy . I am not saying that we should fail consciously , but I mean that failure is necessary for the success.

What people think

  • What people think is not necessary for the one who is going to be successful .
  • It is necessary to have a positive image in society ,but we should not follow the opinions suggested by other until they not fit in our definition for our passion and goal .
  • When you are not successful and have no money , no nothing that time most of your friends will vanish like the smoke vanish in air .
  • People will think that you are stupid . And will no give attention to you at time don’t think about them , think about your goal , your passion , and about the ideas .
  • Always be conscious about your thoughts .

And remember this –

“Small minds discuss people ,

Average minds discuss events,

Great minds discuss ideas. “

– Eleanor Roosevelt.

What you think :

                      Our perception changes our thinking and our thinking changes our reality , So friends change your thinking and your reality will be changed . Constantly focus all your focus at a single idea and that idea will become the reality and then you will notice the power of your minds. Never let your brain control you or distract you .

You may have thoughts which will try to convince you stop working and leaving the work that you love , and your brain will be attracted to other work or people or say thing . That time don’t try to resist your brains just take a brake , and relax your mind activity . Our brain relax when we becomes conscious about the present moment ,    it stops thinking about the past , future , action-consequence and all that other stuff which makes it heavy.

How to focus –

  •  Never try to concentrate to much just try to live in present moment then your mind will automatically focus where you want . Why I said try to live in Now is because Now is the only way through which you can be conscious enough to focus and do the best in what you are doing . Present moment is the only thing we have . Our past can not help us to concentrate on the present and on the work that we are doing in the present ,  Now can . The power of now is amazing , We all can  experience it , sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously .
  • We need not to think of the future at the time when we need to be in present . Most of the time it happens , like you are in your class or wherever and studying or doing some other work and in between some thought comes and you try to think about the thoughts , that your mind is creating , and suddenly you comes back to reality and notice that you missed part of the lecture . So try to be more conscious about your thoughts while working . I think we should try to be conscious every time , not only while working.

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