Life is beautiful :- 

Sometimes there are many problems in life , but it is still beautiful . My life is also beautiful , I feel so thankful to everything that I have . Most of us are not thankful for what they have , but always complaining for what they have , and that is the problem that they are not able to find happiness in there life .

We create our reality by the thoughts that our mind creates and if we are not thankful and not having that satisfaction then this unhappiness will continue .

So , I want to tell you the secret of my happiness , it is very easy and most of you already knew this , then also I am sharing this , so here is the things I do :

  • Never worry about past or future .
  • Enjoy everyday , every moment , every second . And never regret for the past , always learn from it .
  • Try to spend time with family , children , elders . Because they can give you something that no other can and that is  there views , there experience , and most important there love.
  • Try to laugh on yourself , that how foolish you are , and how silly mistakes you have done .
  • Love every thing that you have , because some people don’t have what have.
  • Never compare your self with others . And never forget how unique and special  you are.
  • Always give to those who are  in need.

And the most important is love your self and be curious .

Why I am telling all this to you :-

I just want to share my experience to you all because you all are my friends . How ?

Because you are not my enemies . So , you are my friends .

Beauty is not in physical appearance –

Yes , I believe in this that every sole is beautiful . Cause beauty is something that never changes and so we all are beautiful.


 So the as the title suggest , I will be posting the beautiful precious moments captured by me .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And i hope you have enjoyed all the beauty of these pictures.


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